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We cater for day, overnight and extended boat cruises, departing from Hillarys or Fremantle.

We specialise in Fishing trips, Whole Boat charters, River cruises, Rottnest Island trips and Abrohlos Island fishing and surfing adventures.

Our vessel the 'Interceptor' is a 55 foot specifically built by Conquest for local conditions. She is a luxurious vessel which cruises comfortably at 19 knots, which makes her one of fastest and best equipped charter boats available.

We pride ourselves on impeccable service, neat presentation and extremely high standards of customer care. All crew are fully qualified and have a remarkable knowledge of WA's coast and river system for fishing and charters.

We guarantee that we will make your experience with Saltwater Charters one to remember.

Corporate social functions or group events we will help plan and cater for your ultimate day.

saltwater newsletter

Welcome to Saltwater Charters November/December Newsletter.

I'm finally back from catching lots of prawns out from Darwin and ready and raring to go for yet another crazy Summer ahead.

There is a lot going on with the Fishing Restrictions coming in on the 15th October, so unfortunately we can't keep all of the prize bottom dwellers such as Dhufish and Pink Snapper [there are millions of juvenile pinkies everywhere at the present!] so fingers crossed that these bans will actually help increase the stocks of Dhufish. Both Olivia and I are strong supporters of any new rules and measures to boost the stocks of these fantastic fish so our kids can hopefully fish for these in twenty years time and beyond.

There are still a lot of options available if you want to get a line wet and still take a fish home, and to be fair to the fish that live in the shadow of the Top Five eating wise, any fish that you eat fresh will taste a hell of a lot nicer than the imported crap sorry, Carp that you can buy for half the price of local. Fish like Samson Fish, Skippy to 5 kilo, Amberjack, Mulloway, Deepsea Leatherjacket[also jumbo size], not to mention a couple of deepwater fish not included can still be caught without accidentally catching a Dhuie and wasting a great fish.

The other option is to go for tasty fish like King George and fat Sand whiting, Flathead, Gummy Shark,and some calamari rings for a starter. These fish can be great fun to catch on small gear which we provide and in fairly shallow water to make it easier on the arms, so Dad can bring his kids out for a fish on the boat and myself and our Great Crew we have, will gladly pass on our 30 years of sea stime fishing knowledge and get the next generation hooked on fishing.

We will teach you how to tie knots,make rigs, bait your hooks, care for your fish once you have caught them so they will taste great when you cook them up that night. These inshore days we can do for a REDUCED PRICE as we will use less fuel, time wasted getting out there and fish in the sheltered waters if the breeze comes in. Using 5 oz sinkers instead of 50 oz.

I would love to encourage this style of fishing as the fish are plentiful [although not as big!], but the fish themselves are secondary to being out on the water with a bunch of friends or special client's or the great workers you have at the office. Treat them to a day out onboard The "INTERCEPTOR" ….They are great eating too!

We pride ourselves on the service we give and without doubt our repeat customers are testament to the high level in which we keep our vessel maintained and cleaned spotless every day. Not to mention the food we offer to you is second to no other operation in town. We keep you full of healthy and fresh food all day along with one of Olivia's fruit platters for breakfast or a huge gourmet BBQ for a whole boat charter. Some sweeties to end the Day!?

If you are having a staff Rotto Day or a Swan River Cruise we can give you catering options to make it all too easy to organise.

WE ARE THE ONLY CHARTER OPERATOR TO OFFER YOUR MONEY BACK minus costs if you are dissatisfied with the level of service we offer you.Every thing we say we do we DO so if you want a classy boat, crew and service you have it!


The samsons are starting to arrive from every which way and I have found a school in 30 meters of water which I'm keen to jig on. The earlier the season the bigger the fish. Get that 100 pounder before December.

Obviously Samson Jigging will be the next best thing to catching a Dhuie this Summer and I have purchased heaps of new gear with great outfits to use.

I'm saving November and December with as many sambo jigging days as I can, so if you book the boat of come by yourself or a small party we can get you out to catch and feel the might of these brutes of the Indian Ocean.

I have quite a few Eastern Staters coming over again this year [mostly repeaters and referrals] and it's great to see this sportfish becoming recognised nationally and internationally. All on our very own back door step!


The 13 season was a raging success with heaps of fish, waves surfed, coral bombies snorkelled. So much to do and see. Follow the story of the Batavia and check out the actual Islands where it all took place.

We already have some bookings for next year so call me to book your fishing / surfing trip of a lifetime from mid April to August next year.Want to catch a Dhuie in 4 meters of water?

So don't let the Ban get you down, there are still heaps of ways to skin a fish and get you out there. We would love to take you out for a truly unforgettable day on this beautiful ocean we are lucky to have as ours.





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